Motion on Blipfoto

This will be published in the Scottish Parliament Bulletin tomorrow – a motion I have tabled to support Blipfoto. These motions don’t get debated but are seen by other members and more widely.

Motion Number: S4M-12729
Lodged By: Michael Russell
Date Lodged: 18/03/2015
Title: Blipfoto

Motion Text:
That the Parliament regrets that the Edinburgh-based social media photographic site, Blipfoto, has gone into liquidation; understands that the company’s assets might be acquired by Polaroid, with whom it had recently established a partnership; commends what it sees as the vision and passion of Blipfoto’s founder, Joe Tree, who, with the help of a dedicated group of colleagues, staff and members, has built over the last 10 years a world-wide creativity community that share a photograph every day; hopes that any new owner will recognise what it considers the positive and collaborative nature of Blipfoto and consult and nurture its diverse user base; understands that Blipfoto’s members are using the hashtag, ‪#‎blipforever‬, to campaign for a secure future for the site and to have ongoing secure access to their data and pictures; commends to any new owner the positive benefits of the company retaining its HQ in Edinburgh, and hopes that what it sees as this uniquely successful Scottish start-up can continue to expand its global reach and membership.

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