MSP welcomes creative Castle Toward bid


“Stop the Sale” says Russell

Argyll & Bute MSP Michael Russell has welcomed the plea to Argyll & Bute Council regarding the future of Castle  Toward which has come today from a group of Scottish celebrities all of whom share a passion for the place and the potential which the building has to become, once again, a centre for artistic and creative excellence for young people.

Commenting on the news story which has appeared today in the national and local press on the matter Mr Russell said:

“This is an exciting and welcome development which comes at the eleventh hour given that the Council still seems determined to hand the building over to a commercial developer at the end of the month.

This distinguished and exciting group includes individuals with tremendous creative reputations.   All of them testify to the importance of Castle Toward to their lives and careers and they want others to be able to have the life changing experiences that they experienced there.

There is now a stark reality which the Council  has to accept.  The only people who want to sell this iconic building to a private sector developer are the 23 administration Councillors in Kilmory  , backed up by their senior management.

Everyone else – the community,the opposition in the Council, the MP and MSP, senior members of all political parties at national level , the Scottish Government and now the cream of Scotland’s creative talent are all united in their desire to see another  solution .

Unless Council Leader Dick Walsh believes there is some vast conspiracy afoot then surely even he has to accept that he is out of step with the overwhelming  majority .    I therefore appeal to him to see sense and stop the sale to allow a better solution to be implemented. “

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