Michael Russell MSP has welcomed news that Scotland has exceeded its world leading climate change targets – six years early.

New figures show that Scotland exceeded the 2020 target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 42% in 2014.

Scotland continues to outperform the rest of the UK, with a 39.5% drop in Scottish source emissions between 1990 and 2014 compared to the UK’s 33% reduction over the same period. Scotland is one of the leading countries in Western Europe for reducing emissions.

The latest climate change statistics show Scotland’s emissions, for reporting against targets, have fallen by 12.5% year on year to 41.9 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) in 2014.

This is a reduction of 45.8% from the 1990 baseline.

Commenting, Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell said:

“This is good news and makes a positive contribution to our planet.   Of course much more is needed but we should all be pleased that , having past world leading legislation in 2009,  Scotland is now making outstanding progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. These statistics show that we not only met the annual 2014 emissions reduction target but also exceeded the level of our world-leading 2020 target for a 42% reduction, six years ahead of schedule.

“The reduction in residential emissions in 2014 may have been due – at least in part –  to people simply turning down their heating. This underlines that the actions of someone in Argyll and Bute, if repeated on a large scale, can have a big impact in tackling climate change.

“With climate change one of the defining challenges of our time, there is a real need to cooperate with our neighbours and internationally – which is  yet another reason why Scotland and the UK are better off remaining in the European Union.”

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