Russell calls out RBS for ‘undermining rural communities’

In recent correspondence with senior officers of RBS, Michael Russell MSP has outlined his continued disappointment and frustration with the treatment of communities across Argyll and Bute.


The Royal Bank have now closed Campbeltown branch and are in the process of closing Rothesay branch. Inveraray branch was granted a stay of execution until the end of the year however it will still be closed.


The House of Commons Scottish Affairs Select Committee and a wide swathe of community groups and charities have been highly critical of the banks decision to close branches in such rural communities, but RBS appear to remain deaf to all reason.


Commenting local MSP Michael Russell said:


“This is becoming a very simple issue. Does RBS want to support rural communities or does it want to undermine them? It is taking actions to achieve the latter and in those circumstances it deserves every bit of criticism it gets.”


“RBS also deserves to have its customers make a judgement about whether they wish to continue with such a company which appears absolutely deaf to the opinions of those it is meant to serve and deaf to the facts of the damage that it is doing.”


“I will continue to voice the concerns of the communities that I serve and can only hope that sooner or later RBS start to listen.”

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