Tourist Trophy Hunters have ‘no place in 21st century Scotland’ says local MSP

Following the discovery on social media of American TV personality Larysa Switlyk promoting trophy hunting tours of the Isle of Islay, involving the use of sniper rifles to hunt wild goats and even sheep, local MSP Michael Russell has written to Roseanna Cunningham, the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for the Environment asking that the matter be investigated urgently.


Commenting on the matter, Mr Russell said:


“Most people will agree that tourist trophy hunters in full camouflage gear taking and then tweeting pictures of each other holding high powered rifles and standing over the corpses of goats or even sheep has no place in 21st century Scotland.


This is also an unregulated activity, unlike deer stalking, and as far as I understand is not for meat. It is simply – as the associated company’s material makes clear – about the so called ‘enjoyment’ of hunting and killing animals and provides publicity for the “professional hunter” who appears to have a television series on US television.


For every person this may attract to Islay (hard as that is to imagine) there will be a thousand who will be repelled and horrified.


I am pleased that following my raising of this matter, the Cabinet Secretary and indeed the First Minister are reviewing the current situation and will consider whether changes to the law are required”

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